Aunger Vacation Homes - Hurricane Ian: UPDATE 1st October 2022 - Florida Formosa Gardens Estates

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First, thank you to everyone who has reached out about the Hurricane. Our Team, Joanne, and I very much appreciate it.

We had a few anxious moments when Hurricane Ian’s predicted path changed and put our Florida Homes in the line of direct impact. We prepared for the hurricane by moving all external furniture to safe areas, checking roofs, and then made safe everything else that was loose by tying it down or doing the best we could before the storm hit. We checked in with the current guests to ensure they were aware of the impending Hurricane and that the guests had supplies. The guests were fantastic, as the impending storm pretty much unruffled them.

By the time the Hurricane was on us, the hurricane had calmed down from a Category 4 to Category 1 to 2, with sustained winds of up to 60 miles per hour and gusting. This brought us a little relief, but even with a Category 1 to 2, the winds were still terrible.

After the "shelter in place" and the recommendation to stay indoors was lifted late Thursday, our team inspected the homes and surrounding areas for damage. We were very, very lucky, having found that our homes had suffered very light/minor damage to things like the one or two very small parts of exterior soffits (The metal cover under the area where the roof meets the side of the house), fencing, meshing on the pool screens (Nonstructural), and lots of debris from trees and bushes.

The only genuine inconvenience was the loss of Internet to one home, which was a service provider issue. Incredibly the service provider could get the internet back up 48 hours after the storm when many other areas were worse off than us.

The communities we have homes in have been fortunate, and we have been very thankful for our great guests. Unfortunately, many people did not have the same luck as us in neighboring communities and areas of West and Southwest Florida.

The Theme Parks, Airports, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, and mostly everything is opening up again around us. Everything is coming back online quickly as it does in the tourist area of Central Florida.

As a relief, the weather as it does after a significant storm like this is now fantastic; the temperature has cooled down, and the sun is out shining, which is helpful as the clear-up continues.

We thank you again for your good wishes. Feel free to reach out anytime, visit our websites, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you, best wishes.

The Team, Charles and Joanne

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